Thursday, October 18, 2007

How To Submit Your Wish-Portrait To "Wish Upon Your Star"

Wishes are as endless as the stars in the sky and the sand upon the sea.

What & Why Of "Wish Upon Your Star"?

This site was inspired by a combination of events but mostly to help renew our own faith in ourselves. Remember when you were in your early days at school and you drew those stick people pictures with a note or wish upon them? We all have wishes, deep inside of us. We look out upon the night sky, and find our star and make a wish. Wishes do come true! And Wish Upon Your Star is here to help you express them in your own way and with your own words without having to tell anyone who you are.

Wish Upon Your Star is about self-expression. Whatever your wish is, light, hopeful, dark or simple, Wish Upon Your Star wants your wishes.

So how do you submit your Wish Portrait to "Wish Upon Your Star"?

What Is A "Wish-Portrait"?

The format here is mostly graphic (though plain text wishes in email are also accepted, see below) and we call it your "Wish-Portrait". For now the limitation is that your wish must be written in English.

"Wish Upon A Star" will post your Wish-Portrait though it must adhere to the following format:

Take a postcard, or a piece of paper or a photograph. (Please make sure it is not something that has copyright upon it). Draw a picture on it - any thing you wish to draw (remember those stick people?), or maybe one is already drawn or printed upon it. Or maybe your children want to create their own Wish-Portrait. Draw it any way you like, from simple to artful. Your Wish-Portrait whether picture or just a written wish, should speak for itself.

Then take a magic marker or crayon or good pen or pencil and write your wish. Make sure it is legible (as of now all Wishes submitted must be in English.) Your wish can be for peace; a note for someone in your family serving overseas or in one of the armed forces around the world; a wish to win the lottery; for love and on and on and on... Wishes are as endless as the stars in the sky and the sand upon the sea.

Remember, to write your wish on the "Wish-Portrait". If you are using a postcard or something of that sort try to write it upon the picture itself.

You may also send a computer generated graphic of your own design with your Wish-Portrait upon it, if you are so inclined.

You may also send your wish in an email as plain text (no graphics) to "Wish Upon Your Star". Your email will be posted as a wish, however no identifying characteristics (email address or last names etc.) will be published.

All wishes, whether sent by email or in regular mail - are posted anonymously. The only thing that is posted is your Wish-Portrait. No names, no addresses or email addresses. All we want is your Wish-Portrait so make sure whatever you want to wish for is on your Wish Portrait.

Here is how it works:

There are two basic methods of having your Wish-Portrait posted at Wish Upon Your Star.

1. Email:

If it is a computer generated graphic of your own creation or that of your children then obviously you can send it straight away in email. If it has been done by hand then take out your digital camera and take a good picture of your Wish-Portrait, or scan it in to your computer. Send that picture into "realwishes at" (replace the word at with @ and do not leave any spaces - or just click on the gmail icon below which will open your email). Please make it in either gif, jpeg or png formats. If you do not know what a format is - do not worry about it. Do not worry about the size. We will size and crop it for Wish Upon Your Star. However, please make sure it is clear and legible. (Yes, Wish Upon Your Star does accept attachments in the email.)

2. Regular Mail:
Send your postcard or picture or letter to the following address:

Wish Upon Your Star
POB 7073
Jerusalem, 91070 Israel

(Remember sending by regular mail will require overseas postage)

3. Use the Link Below To Access The On-Line Form (Only Text):

Click Here To Access The Wish Upon Your Star On-Line Form To Send In Your Wish Now!

In all cases please send only one Wish-Portrait per email or regular mail.

All wishes, whether sent by email or in regular mail - are posted Anonymously. - The ONLY thing that is posted is your Wish-Portrait. No names, no email addresses. All we want is your Wish-Portrait so make sure whatever you want to wish for and depict is on your Wish-Portrait itself.

So there you have it. All options are open for submitting your Wish to Wish Upon Your Star. Snail-mail, email, postcard, letter picture or text. So Wish Upon Your Star Today!

Wish Upon Your Star is not affiliated with any political, religious, or social movement. It is open to people all around the world no matter what race, religion or creed.

Before sending your Wish-Portrait to "Wish Upon Your Star" read the following notice carefully.

Legal Information & Notice

In plain English, when you submit your Wish-Portrait to "Wish Upon Your Star" you are transferring your ownership and copyright of said material to "Wish Upon Your Star" with no claim for reimbursement and with a royalty-free license. "Wish Upon Your Star" maintains the sole right to reproduce, modify, publish, distribute the Wish-Portrait. "Wish Upon Your Star" further maintains all copyright rights to the Wish-Portrait, and can at its sole discretion, store it upon servers on the Internet, publish it, publicize it, and place it in any and all medium of publishing at its disposal. Furthermore, "Wish Upon Your Star" reserves the right to edit and or arrange the Wish-Portrait, remove it, or not publish it.

You may use an image from this site to serve as link from your Web Site to "Wish Upon Your Star". Any other use of any image, graphic representation, text, or post requires written authorization from "Wish Upon Your Star". All links must be fully made back to the web site of "Wish Upon Your Star".

If for whatever reason you do not agree with the above notice, do not send your Wish-Portrait to "Wish Upon Your Star"!